Over a three-month period, participants engage in a series of interactive workshops that results in the completion of a short film or digital media project exploring a social issue/challenge/opportunity in their community. In each workshop, participants learn a set of skills related to film and television production and professional communication, which includes:

  • Developing ideas for documentaries
  • Research and writing documentaries
  • Organizing and conducting interviews for documentaries
  • Planning a documentary project
  • Working with cameras
  •  General audio and video technology
  • Editing techniques
  • News gathering and production
  • Lighting for TV production
  • Legal and ethical considerations of documentary filmmaking
  • Critical thinking about television media

After completion of film training, participants host and lead a film screening/panel discussion. To view past discussions, please visit Events.

If you are a professional in media and/or television and would like to partner with us, please email media@lifelightstreet.org with the subject line: Film Training.