We work to create positive, authentic perceptions of people of color through media production.  We are an organization that is committed to giving youth who come from underserved communities or have a history in the criminal justice system a second chance, or a first chance, by training them in television production.  Our workshops and programs provide a platform for our participants to have a voice, while learning transferable skills that prepares them for opportunities.  This therapeutic, innovative approach provides an opportunity for our youth to proclaim their images in the world, while opening a constructive dialogue between leaders and the communities that they serve.

We invite respected experts in the media and television production industry to teach and train our participants on how to create their own documentary films. We believe this opportunity gives our youth a chance to voice their thoughts, while exposing them to alternative career paths.  The experts also give personal and professional advice as well as support to participants who are interested in the media industry.

Why Television Production?

In today’s society, our youth are constantly exposed to negative, violent images of themselves in the media. We believe these types of exposures have created severe and long-lasting physiological effects on our youth.  Life Light Street Productions provides an opportunity for our youth to produce realistic, positive images of themselves.

Why this cohort?

We’re committed to serving the needs of teenagers and young adults who are from underserved communities or have a history in the criminal justice system. We believe this cohort is ignored by society, but it is often spoken or written about in the media. We provide ongoing support to our participants even after they have completed the program.

Our Core Values

We instill HOPE: By creating a safe place for teenagers and young adults, whose voices are often ignored, a platform to create and develop their stories through television production.

We develop KNOWLEDGE: By teaching the skills and tools, and offering exposure to media production for our youth who live in underserved communities.

We build ACCESS: By exposing our participants to career paths and opportunities that may be unexplored in their school or community.